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At a recent conference, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), Hoang Van Thuc, said the situation of scrap imports into Vietnam increased sharply in the first months of 2018 and ” will continue to increase strongly in the future. ”

Recently, the backlog of imported scrap containers at seaports is a major concern of the public opinion, affecting the production and business activities of seaports; slowing down the circulation of goods, reducing the capacity of container yards, etc.


The inspection showed that the amount of imported scrap is in stock mainly at ports of Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, there are 3,464 containers at Cat Lai Port, accounting for the majority of the remaining amount of scrap at southern ports, of which an estimated 20% is paper waste and the remaining 80% is plastic and other scrap. . At Hai Phong city ports, there are 737 days of overdue containers with 737 containers and 507 containers with a duration of 30-90 days …

Obviously, domestic scrap demand is very high and businesses are also very active in importing scrap to Vietnam. Needless to say, everyone understands that scrap is “making money”. However, if not strictly controlled, the consequences that the imported scrap causes to the environment are certainly not small.

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