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Chemical content 99%


– Construction industry: form of mortar, plaster, plaster, or construction materials as associate. Powder or construction materials such as adhesives, increased bonding and lateral strength, HPMC holds water thus increasing bonding and not broken after dry, enhance hardening strength.

– Cement mortar: improve the dispersion of cement-sand, significantly improve the viscosity of the mortar and shake, which prevents cracks and retardants to make the grout pumpable.

– Brick and mortar, cement bricks; increase flexibility, water retention, increase gachj’s glass, prevent pinkness. Adhesive enhancer, can still reduce the amount of cement

– Chrysotile when subjected to refractory materials: suspended, improved liquidity for special missions, and also improved relay

– Gypsum coagulation mud: improve water holding capacity and handling ability, improve flexibility

– Cement seams: Add to gypsum plasterboard by cementing seams, improving larynx and ensuring water properties

– Replace natural materials like lakes: lakes can be improved by holding water and increasing links

– Other: can be used to dilute mortar and mud and hydraulic operation of mud



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