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About us

About us

Dear : Customer

Michem Vietnam Industrial Co., Ltd would like to thank all customers who have trusted and joined us in the past!

Michem Vietnam Industrial Co., Ltd. operates in the fields of minerals, chemicals and laboratory supplies. We specialize in the manufacturing-processing and trade of the products:

CaCO3 stone powder;
Barite ores and powder;
Quartz stone powder;
Laboratory equipment;
Liquid glass;
Chemical laboratory and industry;
Red iron oxide
Analyzer, dedicated measurement.
With a variety of products, we specialize in supplying materials for various industries such as paper, plastic, plastic, packaging, ceramic, ceramic, paint, oil and gas, medical materials and environmental treatment. Various types of chemicals, instruments, laboratories, analytical instruments, dedicated laboratories and other industries.

Our platform for creating our products includes:

Factory 1: Yen Bai industrial zone specializes in producing CaCO3 powder;
Factory 2: In Bac Ninh specializes in producing quartz, liquid glass.
Factory 3: Ha Nam Industrial Zone specializes in producing Taical (Masterbatch);
Factory 4: Bac Giang specializes in producing Barite products such as: Barite, Barite, Barite, Barite;
Chemical, laboratory and analytical instruments and instruments are clearly originated from Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, American and European markets.
With a team of professional, honest, responsible and enthusiastic with the work. We promise to provide quality products with the best care to bring satisfaction to customers.

We are looking forward to your comments and potential cooperation with our customers in the near future.

To receive the best quotation, as well as the detailed information about the product, please contact our company via office address or email / contact telephone number on.

Once again, Michem Vietnam Industrial Co., Ltd sincerely thank customers for taking the time to care about us!

Sincerely yours!





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